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Three reasons to choose us as your preferred WordPress designers


We are always very creative with our designs and products. You can see our work and unique variations we use for different types of websites and blogs.


Our websites can be customized to suit your specific requirements and we strive towards creating the best website to match your business needs.


All our websites are completely responsive, which means that they will look equally awesome on both computers and hand held devices.

Our Motto

We created this website to show you what all we can do for you. We bring you a lot of various landing pages which you can access from the top or bottom menu bars, browse through them, and choose the one that meets your specific requirements. You may also order a custom landing page if you want to.

We bring to you high quality website design solutions for a lot to medium budget project. We use best but free themes and plugins to design your professional website. We keep everything transparent and hence, you know even before starting the project, how much exactly are you going to spend.

Learn More

To learn more about us or if you have any questions regarding our services and products, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we will try to clear all your doubts. Remember, we want you to be absolutely sure of what you are going to get in exchange of the money, time, and effort that you spend on us. It is always better to talk before paying. We are here to help you in every possible way.


Themes We Use

We use Elementor Page Builder Plugin to design all our websites. The themes that we have listed here work best with Elementor and hence these are the chosen ones. If you  want us to use a specific theme other than the ones listed below, please feel free to contact us before you place an order.



OceanWP gives us a lot of customization options in the FREE version itself. There are many added premium features available for free and can be modified to match our needs.


Astra is the most used FREE WordPress theme with a lot of features and options which can be customized to fit our requirements. Astra has a lot of positive reviews and is used by top companies.
Kadence Theme Header Image


Kadence is a very new theme which brings a lot of customization options, especially when the header, footer, and single page blogs are concerned. We use this theme most often.

Plugins We Use

We use Elementor Page Builder Plugin to design all our websites. Hence, the other plugins that we use for designing your websites are those which work along with Elementor. We use all the free plugins so that you can get your website designed for the least possible cost.

From time to time, we evaluate various new plugins and use the ones that would be best for your website and needed to add custom and/or specific features.

We use FREE Version of Elemetor for most of our designs. However, if you want us to use Elementor Pro, which is the full-featured paid version, please feel free to obtain it before contacting us. Elementor Pro has a plethora of pro features that can take your website to the next level.

Elementor Pro is a paid plugin and it has to be renewed every year. If you buy it and use on your website, you can continue using it without getting updates if not renewed.


Process We Follow

Here we just help you with the designing of your website. If you already have your hosting and domain ready with you, and ideally a content plan as well, then you can choose this plan.

All we do here is to login to your WordPress administration and design the website for you. Once the website is ready and approved, our job is done and we leave. It is best for someone who is well-versed with WordPress and knows most of the things.

We prefer a managed approach where we take your requirements first and then suggest you a content plan, a suitable domain and hosting provider, and any paid theme or plugin, if needed. We start working on the project once you have obtained the necessary prerequisites.

If you are starting fresh and you do not have prior understanding of website designing or its various aspects, then this is the best route for you.

If you are a complete beginner or if you want us to do everything for you, right from arranging domain and hosting to content and other necessary things for your website and also maintain it for you, then this is the best plan for you.

We will take your requirements and start working on the project. We keep updating you throughout and show you the progress. This process takes a longer time and we stay with you even after the website is launched.

Please note that in any case above, the content (logo, text, images, and icons) is provided by you, the client. If you want us to source everything, please tell this to us before commencement of the project, so that we can plan the work accordingly. Content sourcing is to be paid additionally.


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